Introduction to Github Gists

What are Github Gists?

Posted by Garrett Mac on 01/01/1990
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Introduction to Github Gists

Github Gists are a simpler version of a Github Repository if you’d like to only share snippets of code rather than whole projects/ Github has a great language rendering engine, the extension provided in the filename specifies how it is rendered when saved. All of my documentation is written in markdown. For more information on the Markdown language see this Markdown Cheatsheet. I have also found these tools helpful: * Markdown Table Genorator * Markdown Table of Contents Genorator

Private Vs Public Gist

Private gists do not require you to login to be viewed. What makes them private is that the urls are not indexed. So that means their no map/sitemap saying they exist (this is only kinda true. if you’re logged into the account that created it, it is visible). The only why to see them is to have the original link.

Public Gists are indexed so search engines are aware of them and they are visable under the user github gists collections page viewable at[user name here].

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Also, I use the comment section for my notes that I haven’t yet implemented into this document, so it should be accurate information but may not be appropriately formatted.

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